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Student of the Month (October)

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                                  Allen Lloyd

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P3 Annex                            Brian Williams
P3 Main                              Joseph Dunn
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Workstudy                           Vincent Popalardo

 Description: Description: BIG LEAP

Your students are amazing and their artwork is extraordinary!  Thank you all once again for your support of LeAp’s Public Art Program.    Have a great summer!     Congratulations again!

 All the best,

 Alexandra Leff

Deputy Director & Director of LeAp’s Public Art Program

Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LeAp)

PS25R-Miss Jennifer Cacace's Class X12 Video - 2013-2014

Please click on the attached file below to view video:


SAMUEL STERN AWARD:   Congratulations to Brandon Hernandez!

 The Samuel Stern Award nominating committee met on April 2 and selected a few students to be honored with a Samuel Stern Award on May 22, 2014.

U.S. Army: The U.S. Army joined our South Richmond High School students to a basketball game.  Our students were on their best game!  
Score: South Richmond HS 51 - 31 Army....

We applaud our U.S. Army Sergeant Reyes for supporting our students throughout the year!  He made this basketball game an unforgettable event by providing a DJ and keep the atmosphere as joyous and exciting as possible!  The students were giving the soldiers a workout!

2013 Bread of Life Food Drive:  "We have such a great working relationship with the Bread of Life. We work together after the food drive, and collaboratively seek ways to help our students and the community on an on-going basis," said Zenaida Martinez, parent coordinator.    "Our students may have different challenges to overcome, but they are certainly dedicated to help people in need. They all bring in at least a can of food, even though some of them are in need as well," she said.


Congratulations.... Joanna Cenci - Workstudy Program student, was the recipient of the Samuel Stern Award.  The award is presented to honor the memory of M. Samuel Stern, who advocated for improving the lives of children during his lifetime of dedicated and devoted service to students with disabilities.  The award is presented to District 75 students who have demonstrated initiative and enthusiasm, outstanding character, a willingness to help others and improved scholarship, in the pursuit of independence and further educational achievement. 

The ceremony was attended by James McKeon-Principal, Sandi Miller-Workstudy Coordinator, Kathy Dory-Teacher.  Mr. Gary Hecht-District 75 Superintendent and Barbara Joseph-District 75 Deputy Superintendent attended the ceremony as well.

Bus Strike Information (as of 1/24/13): Since the bus strike continues we have valuable information to ensure that your child can continue to get an education.  Please be aware that these services are only being offered if your child is assigned to a Yellow School Bus and has an IEP.

Click on the link below for the latest information on the yellow bus strike.



Chancellor Walcott stated "I want to update you on the possibility of disruption in yellow bus service, which may impact your child. I am deeply concerned about the impact of a strike on our students and families and want to make sure you are prepared in the event one occurs".


Please click on link to retrieve letter from Chancellor Dennis Walcott.


Congratulations....Tottenville Inclusion Program student, Brandon Hernandez was the first to successfully complete a mathematical/ logic puzzle in his geometry class.   He won a Kindle!

Transition/Career Development Fair: South Richmond High School held our Transition/Career Development Fair on Friday, October 5th  from 10:00 am - 12:00 noon.  The goal was to provide students, parents and guardians of children with special needs the opportunity to meet and learn about agencies, services, college and work readiness programs available.  You can find out what accommodations & support services a college can provide; how to apply for financial aid.  It was a huge success!    It was supported by over 30 Agencies including VESID, CSI College, Career School of NY, SIUH, Tottenville Library, FDNY, The Charles Stuart School of Locksmithing.   It was attended by families, students, DOE employees and guest from the community.   The goal was to provide students, parents and guardians of children with special needs the opportunity to meet and learn about agencies, services, college and work readiness programs available.  You can find out what accommodations & support services a college can provide; how to apply for financial aid.

Step Ahead Program: 

CONGRATULATIONS...winners of District 75 Step Ahead Program Contest held on August 9th at the St. Francis College.. 

SI Advance Article (8/9/12):  PLUTO Rescue received $800 from South Richmond High School/P25R, Pleasant Plains.

The presentation was made Tuesday at the school to Leslie Wallace of PLUTO (Pet Lovers United Together as One) Rescue, an animal rescue organization. The donation came courtesy of the Step Ahead Entrepreneurship program. As part of the program, students created a bakery business on-site using the school's bake shop.

On hand was South Shore City Councilman Vincent Ignizio, who provided funding for the program. The donation included pet food.

SIMH South Shore:   Patrick Smith, our high school senior, has been awarded the Samuel Stern award for 2011-2012. The Awards Ceremony will be held on May 23rd at the Lighthouse, 111 East 59th Street in Manhattan. The M. Samuel Stern Memorial was adopted by the Central Board of Education on February 26, 1931.  The following was the criteria for selection of awardees:   Character: Good citizenship, adjustment to school, attendance, cooperation, loyalty, personality, self-control and high moral standards and Scholarship: Ability to progress, not withstanding disability, interest and participation in home and school activities.

His mother, Mrs. Smith has noted that his foundation from K-12 has helped Patrick become the student he is today and thanked all his teachers for all their support of his needs.

CONGRATULATIONS...Anthony Speranza, Workstudy high school senior, is the recipient of the Staten Island Federation of PTA scholarship. He will be honored at an annual scholarship luncheon at the Hilton, Garden Inn, Bloomfield. The ceremony honors outstanding graduates from public high schools in the borough. 

SIMH South Shore:  Patrick Smith a high school senior from Staten Island Mental Health Program presented his art expo at Artworks @ Monkey Girlz Treasures.   It was located at 565 Manor Road, SI., NY on March 22nd from 7:00 pm - 9 pm.  Family, staff and friends attended.  It was a huge success!  All proceeds will go towards his college fund.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Partnership with the NYS Conservation Department - On Friday April 29th, 2011 Sandi Miller, Workstudy Coordinator along with thirty students from our Main Site high school program, our high school Alternate Assessment  program and our younger students from the P3 Annex helped the New York State Conservation Department begin the planting of their "Million Tree Program".   Our Administrators (James McKeon-Principal, George Hunold, Stella Porto, Chris Restivo-Assistant Principals) were proud of all our high school students. 
An approximate 900 trees were planted in the wooded area behind our school.  Jeff, Betsy, Melissa and other rangers instructed our students on the importance and safety of this planting.  Each student kept count of the amount of trees they each planted.  Mini lessons were ongoing and our students were fed a great lunch.  NEW Cherry Trees were planted in front of our school which will be cared for by our high school Alternate Assessment Class.
Tree Planting.zip
Staten Island Federation of PTA's 2011 Scholarship Award winner..
 Meaghan Corrigan, Work-study Program

IS7 Student Devin Sindle is the Achieve3000 Program National Top Scorer:

"Have you heard?   Devin Sindle scored the most points in a single given day compared to all students using TeenBiz nationwide. Devin earned 100 bonus points and an achievement. In addition, Devin's name will be posted to the National Daily Top Scorer scoreboard."  

****Submitted by Annette M. Vellanti,Testing Coordinator/Achieve 3000

Tottenville High School:  On Thursday, March 16th, 2012 South Richmond High School Principal James McKeon and his Assistant Principals Anthony Cassella, George Hunold and Stella Porto visited Tottenville High School.  They were greeted at Tottenville High School by Principal Mr. Tuminaro.  Mr. McKeon graciously thanked the staff for helping our inclusion student with a medical concern.  He awarded the staff with a plaque of appreciation.  We wish our student a speedy recovery!   

IS 7 Site:  Congratulations!   The students were victorious in the Redhook Recreation Center Vollyball Tournament which was held during February.

The team was led by Mr. M. Ronaldson. Student atheltes include Roy Clements ( most improved ) Walik Trossi (MVP), Steven Rojas (MVP), Oche Itodo, Capri Bennett, Joseph Cruz, Chayanne Lewis, and Hausan Smith.

Congratulations....Our high school senior from SIMH-South Shore Program, Patrick Smith has been accepted to the School of Visual Arts.  We wish Patrick the best of luck!

SIMH-North Shore:  Mr. Anthony Casella, Assistant Principal-SIMH North Shore and Dr. Kenneth Popler, Director of SIMH celebrate Hanukkah with the students.

The Day Treatment High School which is a collaboration of P25 South Richmond High School and Staten Island Mental Health Society participated in Tim Kelly’s Puzzle Project this fall. The students in grades 9-12 were learning about the different aspects and layers of community during their weekly Community Group. This project symbolized what they were learning. Some of the concepts being taught were how one person can make a difference and contribute to the collective community. This was represented by each student creating their own puzzle piece that expressed who they are and then later joining them together with each student in their class. Eventually the students will combine all of the pieces for the entire program together. This will show the kids that each person, each class and the entire program are a community within itself and the larger surroundings. 

The students in the program really enjoyed getting to express themselves in an artistic fashion. They also enjoyed being able to symbolically see what they had been learning about in their Community Groups. Many of the students did careful planning to ensure that their piece would represent who they feel they are. It was great to watch them be creative and express themselves. 

Written by:  Zabrina Stokes, LCSW - Assistant Director


District 75 & NYS Institute for Basic Research (IBR) presented "Responding to Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors Displayed by Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder" by Dr. Jenny Tuzikow, Psy.,D., BCBA-D on Friday, October 28th, 2011.  It was held at the MIV-Bldg. #10 (second floor) from 10:00 am - 12 noon.  A parent stated "I found this session to be very informative.  I learned about new resources that I never thought to try." 

Councilman James Oddo and his Chief of Staff (Steve Matteo) toured our Main Site on Thursday, October 6th.  They also met with Principal James McKeon, Assistant Principal Christopher Restivo and student representatives.  Councilman Oddo was impressed with the dedication of the teachers and the learning initiatives of the students.  Councilman Oddo was very supportive of the Principal's mission for the school.


LEAPs Public Art Program:   PS/IS 25R (SIMH) North Shore Site was part of this tables-turned-art program.   The students enjoyed decorating their lunchroom table which was on displayed on Thursday, May 19th, 2011 at Union Square Park.  We are so proud of our outstanding students who created such beautiful and meaningful works of art!  The tables are heading outside for the summer as part of a public awareness campaign.  Please click on the links below:

CONGRATULATIONS.....CSI wins 5th CUNY softball championship and earns NCAA invitation--Stella Porto, AP - IS25R Site, is also the College of Staten Island (CSI) softball coach.  She has also been nominated as Coach of the year!   It was a bittersweet moment for College of Staten Island softball coach Stella Porto as she stood on the mound clutching the CUNY Conference championship trophy Saturday in Willowbrook.   Her team had just defeated Baruch 3-0 in the final game to give the school its conference-leading 14th title since 1980 and an automatic bid to the NCAA Division III tourney, but she was having trouble singling out any specific players responsible for the successful season.

The Toyota TAPESTRY Grants for Science Teachers Program offers grants to K–12 science teachers for innovative projects that enhance science education in the school and/or school district. Fifty large grants totaling $500,000 were awarded this year.
PS25R-South Richmond HS/IS (Principal James McKeon) was awarded one of 50 grants of $10,000. The grant was awarded to the middle school science class of Ms. Donna Bianco for the study of migratory birds.  

P025 students will create long-term studies of birds visiting the environmental areas of Staten Island’s south shore. Students will identify and assess how weather and climate in combination with biotic factors and abiotic factors affects the spatial distribution, abundance and demography of bird species that breed and migrate in the southern shore of Staten Island.
Students will begin their bibliographic research looking for increases in average temperature and variability of weather conditions on Staten Island, looking for climate patterns. The impacts of these changes on animal populations are not well understood, however they can be assessed through long-term studies. Living on Staten Island gives us a great strategic position to record temporal variability and bird migrations.

Museum of Jewish Heritage:  The work-study teachers, Tracy Corrao, Gwen Samuels and Celina Simmons-Shannon attended a professional development at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in November.  As a result, we decided to participate with our classes in the educational program offered by the museum.  This program supports three curriculum areas.  It supports the Global History curriculum as it pertains to pre-World War II, the Holocaust and World War II on the Western Front.  It supports the English Language Arts curriculum for those teachers using Night by Eli Wiesel, to study memoirs.  It also enriches the US History curriculum as it pertains to immigration, Jewish integration into American Society, and post World War II.  In order to participate in this program, the museum requires a minimum of 60 student participants.  We combined four work-study classes with classes from the SIMH South Shore Program in order to meet this requirement.  Once we had enough students, we brought the work-study students to the main building for a morning pre-trip and post-trip workshops, which were conducted by staff from the museum.  The sixty students were broken up into four groups of fifteen.  This allowed for the different groups to see various aspects of the museum, which they could later discuss with one another.  This was necessary due to the time frame we were allotted.   It was a great learning experience for everyone!

I.S. 7 Hop into Spring-Frogs Project fully funded:   Donna Bianco, Special Ed. Science Teacher has worked for the past four years with grades 6 thru 8 for P025 South Richmond HS/IS.   My students enjoy hands-on inquiry lessons. We often move our classroom to the local park and cultural institutions of NYC to gain additional knowledge of the natural environment. We are currently studying animal behavior at the Staten Island Zoo.  Donors to our project will be giving the students a chance to experience and examine nature up close.  I know they will learn and maintain information from these hands-on activities that they would not be able to gain from a textbook or video.
"PoppinsPerks.com provides deals for NYC families and gives 10% to NYC public schools. We're thrilled that we were able to help fund this project through our program!"   Jessica R Kratz from New York - "I gave to this project because I am so excited that you are engaging your students in citizen science and bringing my book to life "Sleigh Bells in Springtime".   I would love to do a book reading and signing with your students and help out however I can."

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation:   On Thursday, April 7th, 2011 Ms. Angela Rosito's Class (P3 Main) enjoyed a wonderful presentation from Ms. Betsy Ukeritis, a Regional Environmental Educator from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. We were taught how to count the rings of the trees to see how old they are, as well as the different parts of the tree.  We will be following up with this lesson by planting trees for Arbor Day.  
Bread of Life Food Drive:  Every year the school participates in the Bread of Life Food Drive.  Staff, students and parents donate canned goods, macaroni, rice, cereal, sauces, tuna, peanut butter & jelly jars. etc. to help support the Staten Island food pantries.   It was a success!   Thank you to everyone for their donations.

On Your Mark - Spring Gala Dinner Dance  held on Saturday - April 2nd, 2011.  It celebrated 32 years of providing comprehensive and creative services for people with developmental disabilities.  There were 400 people in attendance.  They honored Borough President James P. Molinaro and board member Angela Quinn (wife of Ed Quinn, Nurse-SIMH North Site).  Also, they presented the Employee Service Award to Christine Carnesi (Para at P3 Annex) for her 20 years of service.  CONGRATULATIONS.....

Sexuality Workshop for Parents:   On Friday, March 25th, 2011 District 75 and the Institute of Basic Research (IBR) presented a workshop to the families of adolescents with autism.   The workshop titled "Responding to Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors Displayed by Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder" was held at the CYO.   The workshop was well attended and presented by Jenny Tuzikow, Psy.D.,BCBA-D; Senior Behavior Analyst/Licensed Psychologist (NY,PA).   Mr. James McKeon, Principal; Stella Porto, Assistant Principal; Christopher Restivo, Assistant Principal welcomed Maria Leo-District 75 Representative, parents and educators that attended.   The schools' Bake Shop and Culinary Arts Program provided all the pastries (baked by the students) and coffee/tea.   
NYC School Surveys:  The surveys have been mailed out to the parents.  They have also been distributed to teachers and students.   We ask everyone to fill them out by April 15th.  These surveys will help us improve our school.  Contact our Parent Coordinator for assistance.

On Friday, February 11, 2011, Councilwoman Debi Rose joined the Parent-Teacher Association and School Leadership Team Meeting at the SIMH-North Shore Site.  She was greeted by Mr. James McKeon-Principal, Anthony Casella-Assistant Princiapl, Dr. Popler-SIMH Director, parents and staff.  The students also gave her a warm welcome to the school.  We sincerely appreciate her time to answer questions from the parents and staff.  
Former South Richmond HS Inclusion Student  - Matthew James Endozo Regozo (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) former graduate of South Richmond HS (Inclusion @ Curtis HS) has won the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities 2010 “Works for Me” Award (Government/NFP Winner).   He receives supported employment by United Cerebral Palsy of NYC Agency (DDSO: Staten Island).   He is a success and we are very proud of all his accomplishments. 

 Puzzle Project
On Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010, the students of South Richmond HS/IS @ IS 7 along with their Principal, James McKeon and Art Teacher Rhonda Tasca were treated to an inspiring Art lesson with a visit from an artist by the name of Tim Kelly.  He started this collaborative "Puzzle Project" that took off like wild fire in 14 states. This is a dynamic growing & traveling, group art exhibition. This was his very first visit to a Staten Island school. His work is inspirational and we are working with students with special needs and were also worked with the general education students from IS7 along with their Art Teacher, Allison DeLaru.  The students were asked to make something that is "meaningful to them" on a puzzle piece. This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to be able to express themselves in any way possible. The completed puzzle pieces will be connected and on display at their own schools for now, but they will be collected and united together into one powerful, grand art installation in New York City. (Winter 2011) "Don't just make SOMETHING...Make Something MEANINGFUL TO YOU."
TRAINING:  Out of The Box Computer training started today (Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010) for staff of our 6:1:1 population. Every student in our 6:1:1 programs now has an instructional laptop to help students communicate and gain access to the curriculum for todays 21st century learner.

This article appeared in the SI Advance and on silive.com....

EDUCATIONAL South Richmond H.S.
South Richmond High School will hold "ZUMBA Fitness Night Out!" to raise money and encourage exercise. The event will be held Nov. 5 from 8 to 10 p.m. at the Pleasant Plains school, and will be led by certified instructors Barbara Magill, Claudia Sparnroft, Dina Pena, Gina Viola, Renee Bushelle and Theresa Davis. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Proceeds will go to special- needs students. Participants must be 18 and older and wear fitness attire and sneakers. For information, call Dawn Varrone at 347-416-0613.

Please click on: http://blog.silive.com/civic_group_reports/2010/10/civic_groups_report_-_october_29_2010.html

Philadelphia Trip - On Friday, June 4th, 2010, Mr. James McKeon-Principal and his Assistant Principals (Stella Porto/Christopher Restivo) joined his students to a trip to Philadelphia.  There were 3 buses with students and staff.   The students enjoyed the educational movies in the museums, historical sites and a boat tour of Philadelphia.   It was an incredible opportunity for the students and staff.  


P25R is a special education school operating at different locations throughout Staten Island and is part of District 75, a citywide district which coordinates students with special needs.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to create programs that afford positive experiences for our students. The purpose is to provide opportunities that will enhance student performance as well as to move students toward A Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
We provide multiple options to achieve LRE,specifically Day Treatment, Community Based Instructional Programs, Work Study and full time General Education Inclusion. We believe that all children have the potential to succeed.

Our Vision is to meet the standard academic, social and emotional needs within a safe, clean and nurturing school environment. We challenge students to reach their full potential by providing differentiated instruction throughout all curriculum areas and reward students success accordingly. We are committed to the mantra that no child will be left behind.

Principal: James McKeon

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