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  • Joshua Irizarry - Valedictorian - South Richmond HS class of 2020


    See Joshua's speech as highlighted in the NY Daily News

    High School
  • We went to see Wicked on Broadway

    High School
  • Honors Breakfast - 2/11/20

    Students from Main, Day Treatment, Work Study and Seaview Academy were offered a special breakfast for achieving predetermined academic goals.  Congratulations and keep up the good work!!!!

    High School
  • Project Based Learning Fair - February 25, 2020 - winning project

    On February 25th, 2020, South Richmond High School held its first Project Based Learning Fair.  Over 12 projects were presented at the fair.  Our students worked collaboratively on a topic of their choice and from the following subject areas, aggregated information that was presented to judges at the fair.  Students were held to rigorous standards that included embedding a 16 point rubric.  The winning project was created and presented by our High School students from the Main site.  The students are;  Ainsley James,  Christopher Barrios, Valentina Matias, Steven Garcia,  Jah King Gresham, Jordan Fields, Cleana Worley in addition the following teachers;  Kristin Morris, Jennifer Fox, Diana Perremuto, Michelle Landa, Michelle Savitsky, Nolan Katz, Tom Vazzana, Adam Lindie, Britani Battaglia, Bernadette Gonzalez,   Lukshmi Asirwatham,  Angela Sayegh, John Pansini, Sergio Vastano were instrumental in working with the students to develop all aspects of their project presentation.  Also pictured in both photos Ms. Scarpati, AP and Mr. Casella, Principal.

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  • High School at the Project Based Learning Fair - 2/25/20

    High School representation at the Project Based Learning Fair:

    Main site - Opioid Abuse

    Port Richmond HS - Recycling

    Port Richmond HS - Animal Info

    Seaview Academy - Staten Island history

    GREAT JOB!!!!

    High School
  • Visit to Nicotra Early College Charter school

    At this event three of our High School students Jay Bishop, Blake Knotts-Davis and Ainsley James joined their Principal, Mr. Anthony Casella and Counselor Ms. Camille Mazza and Ms. Catherine Giblin, to an informal conversation to promote Respect for All with staff and students of the Early College Charter school.  This was the first meeting in a series of meeting scheduled to be followed by a culminating joint event (date TBD) produced by both schools on Respect for All.

    High School
  • Ivan Soto - Tottenville HS Inclusion Program

    Congratulation Ivan.  14 Rebounds in one game!!!!!!!

    High School
  • Congratulations to Ms. Presea Brown - Raider of the Month for January, 2020

    Presea was awarded Raider of the Month for her kind and friendly disposition.  Congratulations Presea!!

    High School
  • Congratulations to Ms. Jade Abbriano - January, 2020 Pirate of the Month

    Jade was awarded the Pirate of the Month for her outstanding academic performance.  Congratulations Jade!!!

    High School
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